Choose your web host wisely

You are probably having a thought to develop or host a website and that’s the reason you are reading this article. Websites are not made to let them be on our own computers, we open them up free on the web and while it’s a lot of fun creating the website than worrying about hosting it, web hosting is never a decision that is made lightly. In this post lets take a look at things you should have an eye on while you choose your web host.


One of the main and also an important concern when you choose a web hosting service, obviously will be the question “How much of data can be stored?” The disk space, where you need to store the data, is the space that is given for the website. Some service providers do give unlimited disk space, while others give you this space for a cost. But whatever may be the option you need to be sure that you buy a plan that gives you some 20% or more space than what you’re currently on or plan in the future to use. By this you get some room for future growth.

* Things to look out for

  • Don’t ever think that unlimited is a deal over a limited one. Trade offs are every where.
  • Just have a plan of costs that you may incur for the extra space whenever the need arises.



When searching for a web host, bandwidth is very important. Lets see what is bandwidth? The extent of data your host lets you and your visitors upload and download together in a month. For example the website is 1 MB of data and the monthly bandwidth limit is set as 10 MB. When you start the month,an entire site is uploaded and hence 1 MB of bandwidth has been used. Now a visitor views each and every single page, and by this action would download 1MB of data. Which means in that particular month (lets take it as each one viewed your whole site) you can have only 9 visitors. And then your web host might either block more visitors, or will charge extra per MB.

* Things to look out for

  • Don’t ever have the notion that unlimited is a winner over a limited one in terms of space. Trade offs exist every where.
  • Bandwidth guzzlers are videos and graphics than plain HTML.
  • Be aware of the prices that you will have to pay for extra bandwidth.
  • Get clarification before hand on the status of your site if you exceed your allocation.



A very important thing to find out is what exactly your prospective host will offer for tech and customer support: will they be on phone ? The timings? Got a support email address? Ticket system? Their real response time? Live chat? Do they maintain help articles / tutorials? Never choose a host till you are very clear about the support service they offer; and you will be happy for sure.

* Things to look out for

  • Support options need to be many. Bluehost offers best technical support in the industry. Check out Bluehost promo offers & deals here.
  • Online documentation is a must.
  • An active customer forum with answers from the hosting support.



Price as your only evaluation is not the best way forward but it you cannot ignore this completely. You can, for sure, find a service provider for your requirements at a price that is worth. And Free web hosting might look like the best but you need to understand that most free hosts finance their services with advertising that’s on your website. Also some might have extreme rules about what’s getting on your site.

* Things to look out for

  • You need not overpay for hosting and can get good hosting within a reasonable budget. Bluehost is one such option. You may use this Blue host coupon to buy their hosting at reasonable price.
  • You should not underpay too. Because free hosting is good for pages that are personal or for testing but never for business websites.

Hope you’ve got some great insights to choose a web hosting solution. Have a great and rewarding time hosting your websites.